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Myra Davis

Myra Davis

I embody the essence of the American Dream. Raised, in part, within the foster care system, my upbringing was marked by financial hardship. As the younger of two siblings, my brother, my mother, and I resided in a modest two-bedroom apartment, where every three months, my brother and I alternated between the living room sofa and the spare bedroom. I imbibed the lesson that diligent effort could manifest one's deepest aspirations. In the current economic landscape, however, this sentiment faces considerable challenges. A growing number of college graduates, burdened by student loan debt, and hardworking Americans are witnessing the erosion of their dreams in an increasingly unsustainable economy. What, after all, is the American Dream without the attainment of homeownership? It becomes a mere mirage, an elusive vision that seems beyond your grasp. This should never be the reality. I ardently believe that everyone deserves the opportunity to own their own home. Regardless of the scale of your dream, together, let's turn it into reality.
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